Stay Tuned...Up the Down Staircase

A teacher friend of mine, disgruntled over recent events in public education, was trolling the web looking for the anonymous blogs of our fellow down-trodden, always-on-the-edge-of-fomenting-rebellion educators. There were none. Where is the outrage, the civil disobedience? Where are those troubled thousands, teaching without raises, without textbooks or computers or lunch breaks or bathroom breaks, in over-crowded classrooms, berated by parents, administration, students and politicians alike- even as test scores continue to rise, where are they venting? Why aren't they venting? My friend was shocked not to find anything on the web at all, and we discussed this topic at length. The best answer we could come up with was that folks in education these days are keeping their heads down, their mouths shut, minding their own business and praying that the insanity all around them passes them over, much as the fog of death passed over the Hebrew homes in Egypt. Much as the non-Jewish denizens of central Europe did in 1935. You know how effective that was.

I, too, am victim to this situation. I need my job to pay my bills and put my kids through college. But when I retire......just wait. I do know where some of the bodies are buried. Stay tuned!

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