The Great American College Adventure # 2

Well, he did it. He did it! I doubted that he'd do it, thought that he would rue it, but in spite of all the odds- he did it. I'm so proud of him I'm about to explode! Son #1, wait-listed at his first choice college, went off for his freshman year in college- wrecked his car the very first week. Inauspicious beginning. His first semester grades were all over the place: A's, B's, C's, a D. He nearly failed a class when he got confused as to when the final exam was. Son #1 came home over the holidays, thin and tired, but full of resolve. He realized he had to take 18 hours in the spring semester, and earn 4 A's and 2 B's in order to have the overall GPA he needed to get in to his first choice university. Son #1 has spent a lifetime doing the least amount of work possible to get by. We 've always known he was creative, but focused and determined in school he was not. However, something lit a fire under him this time. He buckled down, gave up his social life, worked really hard, and pulled it off. I can't believe it, but he did it: 4 A's and 2 B's - yes, still technically the least amount possible to attain his goals  :o) while taking 18 hours, as a freshman. And so he is home for the summer, once again tired and thin, but justifiably proud of himself, and excitedly planning his adventure next fall. Now he continues in a long line of family, generations back, who have attended the University of Texas at Austin. I'm just so proud of him I could dance.

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