Hawaii ? Haw-are-ya

I've traveled from San Diego to Rhode Island to Jamaica, Edinburough to Luxor, Paris to Jersualem and most points in between in my life. Like most native Texans, I love to get the hell out. Love the mountains and the beach, big cities as well as national parks. But I have never been to Hawaii. As a child, I once wrote an entire book titled "The Gosharootie Gang Go to Hawaii", complete with hand-drawn illustrations. Mom played a record of the music from "South Pacific" incessantly....My grandmother also spoke frequently about how she had always wanted to go to Hawaii - from rural Louisiana, she pronounced it "Ha-WAR-ya". It was a dream that was not to be fulfilled for her. After many years of spending our summers in the Outer Banks of NC, we decided to do something different this year. Honoring my grandmother's dream and fulfilling my own wanderlust, we plan to spend time this summer in Oahu and Maui. Hope to do all the touristy things (see a luau, visit Pearl Harbor, swim with dolphins, etc) as well as simply relax, lay on a beach, drink fruity beverages with tiny umbrellas in them. Feel free to send me suggestions of fun things to do - some neighbors of ours highly recommend touring pineapple plantations, volcanoes, taking surfing lessons, etc.