Bungalow Love

Several of my gfs and I have been talking lately about downsizing and planning for retirement - now that the kids are grown and our jobs are stressing the hell out of us. One reoccurring fantasy shared by many of us is that we can sell our suburban behemoths for enough money to earn a profit, free and clear, to invest, (in what ?) all while downsizing into that cute smaller home of our dreams. For me, this is often a 1920's-30's style bungalow. It's not just that this was the type of home my grandmother had, but I also spent key years of my own life, throughout my own 20's and 30's, living in inner-city fringe neighborhoods in just these very sorts of houses. Of course, most of them were rentals and not fixed up quite so adorably. But they were still pleasant, friendly, easy to maintain and live in spaces. I think when the old man goes, this will be my future.

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  1. Hi from Michigan!

    I too like the Bungalow style, and am planning to build mine myself new from scratch, as MY retirement "downsizer" ... very comfortable feeling I get from this style ... I like the picture you have second from the top with the warm lighting emitting from the windows.

    Good luck with your idea!

    Tom, Guy from Michigan
    (Jack of all trades, Master of none)