Alaska Trip

                                              at Dawes Glacier...we got to watch it calve

Texas is hot 6 months of the year, and warm the rest of the time. We can have 90 degree days from Feb to June and again from Oct to Nov; days over 100F from July- Sept, and our "winters" average highs in the 50's and low's in the 30's. So we get pretty excited about getting away from this hot place, and going someplace that is cold.

Recently hubster and I made the obligatory Alaska Cruise tour, and sailed from Seattle through the Inner Passage and back. It was a glorious break from the heat.
                                                           Ketchikan, Alaska, in July

baby bear on the Yukon Highway

                                                             Whales bubble feeding

                                   So beautifully different from Texas - mountains in the Yukon
                                                         Salmon BBQ in Skagway
We sailed on Princess Cruises, and enjoyed ourselves very much. Chose anytime dining, avoided dress up night (people looked like they were going to prom) by dining in a specialty restaurant bar those nights.....I have just two words for you : Lobster mac-n-cheese. And three more words: Kobe beef burgers.