Life in the time of Covid-19 (Stage 1 ) Part Two

My own hobbies include : cooking (see part one), gardening, and painting. 

Gardening : I’m so happy during this dreary, cold and wet, cloudy long spring that I planted all the flowers I did, last year. More blossoms to come, these are just the early bloomers!

Above: Master Gardener friends

Painting : I spent my first year of retirement busily learning new skills in both gardening and painting. So glad I pushed myself to do a lot in a short period of time - complete the Master Gardener program and attend 4 painting workshops. It was a compact, busy year, but I now have the skills, am reaping the benefits. All the MG programs and workshops for 2020 closed down due to the virus! I feel sad for those trying to learn + participate in those groups this year.

Above: Painting friends

Other hobbies: I took 7 major trips that first year of not working......but still haven’t sated my wanderlust. Had to cancel the 4 trips I had planned for 2020, and really feeling ancy that I can't leave town for the foreseeable future. 

All the boards for all the organizations that I was on back in January just shut down. Closed up shop. Who knows if they’ll come back, when, how, or in what form? 

Life in the time of Covid-19 (Stage 1 ) Part One

Documenting one family’s life during the great corona virus Covid19 pandemic of 2020, for posterity, Stage 1 - quarantine, first 2 months, mild boredom, relatively little economic or health impact. Both husband (below) and one adult son (above) work from home. Son #1 typically resides in Austin, but decided the food and the bandwidth were better at the ‘rents, so came home for an extended visit. 

In addition to working from home, everyone needs hobbies, fun things to do to pass the time. With our social groups quarantined, we seek to amuse ourselves via:

Drinking : We’ve instituted artisanal cocktail Fridays

Cooking more, and cooking more interesting stuff.....Ordering take-out, delivery, instead of eating out

Above:  Stone fired pizza from our pizza oven

 Home-made sweet rolls, delivered to our house by a local coffee shop

 Greek lemon chicken and orzo, made at home

 Tex-Mex, delivered by a local restaurant

 Breakfast SW frittata, cooked at home

Lamb chops a la Greque, potatoes, salad, and spanakopita, all cooked from scratch at home


Hubs’ hobbies include : Cooking artisanal stone fired pizza from his backyard pizza oven, 

......and brewing beer. As a chemist, he loves playing around with ingredients, recipes, temperatures, techniques.