The Soul of the Garden

Only a year ago, I started building my backyard garden. Prior to my recent efforts, this had been hell’s half acre, a wasteland of dead stick trees and dead grass. Giant muddy areas churned up by dogs. I began last summer by planting three areas of native plants, attractive to pollinators. Butterflies, bees, and dragonflies soon followed. Drawing insects by providing a food source then attracted birds of all kinds : hummingbirds, cardinals, jays, Carolina chickadees, Robins, doves, mockingbirds, kites, owls, hawks, and more. Raccoons, possums, skunks, armadillos and bunnies also stop by. It’s a little wild, but that’s by design.

Tree of 1000 chimes - all my wind-chimes go onto this one tree. As the breeze moves around, the tree sings. I can tell by which chime rings the way the wind is blowing.

Above: This is where I have coffee and read the paper every morning. Below: I owned a motley collection of Salterini mid century modern iron patio furniture, acquired from years of yard and estate sales, which I recently had refinished.        

                                                                Now it all matches!

Above: Trees and sky..... the view from my pool as I float around, listening to the birds chirp, or music playing from the stereo speakers piped outside. I am so fortunate to dwell in this peaceful, beautiful bubble.

   There is still plenty of grass for dogs to play frisbee. Fruit trees and vegetables are mixed in with my other plants.

A neighbor gave me all sorts of pots and garden art doo-dads.....now all I have to do is fill them. 

Ollie the Owl 

                                     Close-up of a bee on an echinacea, or Mexican coneflower.

My greatest joy is flowers, and I’m still working towards a goal of year-round blooms from different species. Here is a sampling of what bloomed for me in Year One :

The garden is a welcoming refuge for all : Above, Neighbors over for social distancing Happy Hours

Brewing beer

Making pizza 

Quiet time

Sunday brunch 

                             My beautiful friend Adrienne at a garden party we threw pre Covid19

                                                 Hubs enjoys his Father’s Day gift, above

                                                            ......and the pool, above

                                                                    Cocktail hour

                            Credit goes to my hubs, who supplied all the labor for this project