Ruby's 1930's Kitchen

 Do you have special, fond memories of a person that are linked to a specific place ? I have great memories of being in my grandmother's kitchen and watching her cook. Just to give you a sense of what that room looked like, I searched the web looking for pictures that are close to what I remember. I wrote earlier that it was mostly butter cream yellow and maroon, and I remember distinctly the tile back splash was yellow with a maroon border, maybe even a little black filigree in the dark red tile. The floor changed color as various linoleum patterns wore out and were replaced over time. There must have been some light mint green in room's design mix, as well, even though I didn't initially remember it, because when I saw these pictures I sat up and nearly hollered, "That's it!" Clearly it was a popular color combination at the time. Her kitchen was a bit more country in style, less modern than the ones above, but the Chambers stove is a dead  ringer for the one she had. The washing machine, too, except that hers was white.

The picture below is eerily just like my grandmother's kitchen- trade the white back splash for a yellow and maroon one- and turn that large window on the right into an eating porch. Put the stove on the left, and put the clothes washer where the stove is- bingo ! That's it.


  1. hi! i just found this while searching for pics of 1930s kitchens with lots green, cream and red... (i'm preparing to buy a house with green cabinets)... what great pics and what a great memory!

  2. Those kitchens are dreamy, they take me back to slower times, when mom was home and I had no worries. Boy things have changed and in more ways than one.