These are not my feet

Have you ever googled yourself, just to see what turns up? I do, periodically, just to make sure that I have a good idea of what’s “out there” with my name attached to it. (P.S. The stuff on “My Life” is laughably waaaay off. ) There are apparently many, many people in the world who share my name, who are not, in fact, me. I married into a prolific family, lots of folk with similar names - even my former mother-in-law shares my first and last names. My own sister, in an attempt at identity theft, often goes by versions of my name, where she has woven her own name into various confusing iterations that combine our two names into something remarkably similar. (Don’t worry, my poor credit rating protects me from any serious scams! Too many years spent struggling as a child of divorce, a single parent with a deadbeat ex-husband, as a public school teacher married to a grad student, trying to put my kids through college, paying as I went - I’ve been poor my entire life!) That’s all water under the bridge.....but for some reason, this photo, of some other middle-aged plump woman sunning herself, keeps getting attached to my name. Not sure why, or why it bothers me. Not me, or my feet.....I don’t have bunions under the big toes, as this person does, my own knees are covered in scars from various surgeries, I don’t have freckles, my feet aren’t that big (I have the “toes of Venus”), and I would never take a photo of my legs like this and post it online bc it is boring! What, exactly, is the subject here? Sunlight on thighs? Argh!


Recent Work

I’ve been busy in my studio of late, trying new things, making more art....still on fire from a workshop I attended back in November. My instructor read my paintings the way fortune tellers read tea leaves, and informed me that my home, my life, and my mind were way too cluttered, and that I needed to do something about it before my art would improve. So I spent Nov-Dec on a tremendous purge, a de-clutterization that would make Marie Kondo proud. Not done yet, but well on my way. I hope you can see it reflected in my art.