The Decorologist

Do you go a little stir crazy in the winter? Have you ever had a midlife crisis and suddenly wanted to change nearly everything about your life? Do you enjoy shopping, redecorating, planning, dreaming? Well, who doesn't? Most of my friends and relatives are in the midst of their own mid-life crises - quitting their jobs, getting divorces. So cliched but true. Hubster and I still like each other, most days, so I'm putting all that pent up energy into redecorating. Above is a picture of my family room, "before". I live in a 60's ranch house, spacious, suburban, and blah. Not funky or early enough to be mid century modern. Not recent or luxurious enough to be a mini mcMansion. It is a pleasant home however and I plan to stay here until I die or get an urge to retire in some exotic location. I have been trolling the web lately looking for redecorating ideas, and have discovered my new favorite blog : The Decorologist, aka Kristie Barnett. http://thedecorologist.com/  She also posts on Houzz http://www.houzz.com/photos/family-room

Spend some time on her website (my faves: Why Men fear Painting Panelling, Redecorate with What you Already Have) and you will gather some great ideas on the use of color, light, organization, and many other topics. I am planning to redo my den...trying to convince Hubster we won't regret it if we paint it. I'll keep you posted.

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