Hip New Thing

The hot new thing to do is eat from a food truck. Long the purveyor of hearty lunch time junk food to construction workers, (here in Texas, it was mostly Mexican food , hot dogs, burgers, and fries), re purposed exotic gourmet food trucks have suddenly sprung up as a roving foodie adventure. One of my faves sells only banh mi - a  sort of Vietnamese hoagie. To stay current, you have to follow your fave food truck on Twitter - they will Tweet you where they will be parked each day. It's a like a double dose of cool - you gotta be in the know to know. Recently we had a food truck night-time event in town, where many different types of food trucks gathered down by the train station. Town officials expected a couple hundred locals to show up - but due to Twitter and word of mouth, over 20,000 people showed up. It was a traffic nightmare, but fun none the less.

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