Come to Texas ! Please !

Attention: all international, foreign, and otherwise Yankee readers of this blog ! Are you sick and tired of cold, gray, snowy weather? Fed up with high taxes, high cost of living, inhabiting tiny apartments that cost a fortune, the soul sucking misery of urban blight ? Do you have money to burn ? Need a job ? Want a vacation home in a warm climate? Come to Texas!

A recent vacay in Florida drew my attention to the fact that many Florida homes and condos are owned not by "snow birds" from New York or locals, but by (in descending order of ownership) Canadians, Europeans (chiefly Germans, although also includes Eastern Europeans, Brits, and Russians), and South Americans. (Data from a Florida Realtors website.) I started thinking to myself : What if all those people looking for a second home in a nice sunny climate, searching for an undiscovered place with plenty of cheap housing, decided to move here ? All this could be yours !

Did you know : You can buy a small three bedroom, single family home, complete with yard and a free membership in the community pool for under USD $130,000?  We have plenty of condos, beach homes, and other properties as well. Texas has 367 miles of shoreline. Mountains, canyons, prairies. A terrain and clime similar to southern France or Italy. Only one non-stop flight away from central Europe or South America. No, I am not an employee of any Texas marketing, realtor, business, or booster club. This is all part of my secret plan to oust the red neck conservative uneducated moronic hillbilly Republican Christian coalition tea-party hooligans from this state - or at least entice enough folks of different beliefs to move here, in order to tip the balance so those folk are out of power. Bwaa-haaa-haaa. Are you a gun-toting, government hating fundamentalist extremist ? Stay away.

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