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The NYT recently reported on a sudden shortage of above ground pools, as millions of Americans came to the realization that no one was going anywhere for summer vacation in 2020. Of course, these are the last minute thinkers; those who had foresight started their projects back earlier in the spring.


And so it went at our humble abode.....Hubs promised he’d have the pool set up by early May, but didn’t “get around to it” till June. Texas is HOT! Like Provence, southern Italy, India, or the Australian outback. So of course, as the temperature rose, so did the nagging to “get ‘er done”. I even called on son #1 for help.

Local temperature on Sat June 6 at 4 pm. 104F = 40C.

Wait for it.....(setting the foundation).......

Wait for it......

Wait for it......(checking for leaks)........

Ahhhhhh.......serenity now!

Now all hubs needs to do is finish his shed / bar project........A few weeks back, some neighbor offered a free shed to anyone who would haul it off. Naturally, we took it (our neighborhood has a convivial history of swapping furniture and household goods). The shed is 12’ x 15’, and the pergola in front is 10’ x 10’. What it currently looks like :

And here’s what we hope to get it to look like, eventually (some combination of pool and bar/ shed) :

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