Happy 26th Anniversary

26 years ago, I married my best friend - For over 40 years now, he’s made me laugh, driven me crazy, given me a family where I had none, taken me around the world, fixed things, (broken things), raised my first child as his own, and generally made my life much, much better than it was before.

Who knew what would happen, when I met him in 1978, all these years later? R is second from left in this photo - he never did like wearing a shirt.....

When you marry a person, you marry their family......fortunately, these are all intelligent, educated people. While we may squabble on the little things, we agree on the big ones.

Agra, India

My dates at our 25th college reunion

Palermo, Sicily

Colorado Rockies


Private yacht off St Lucia

West Texas dance hall

North Shore pipeline, Oahu

New Orleans


South Pacific

 Yukon, Alaska

Corolla, NC OBX

My husband paid for everything for my son from my first marriage - all medical bills, summer camps, orthodontia, sports, SAT tutoring, 2 cars, college - bc my ex and my son’s father, Gregory Scott Panagos, refused

Virginia horse country


Tech Titans Award at UNT

This is how men hem pants - with duct tape

Off Martinique

Brewing beer

His friends and mine

I was thin and R had hair

Antoines, NoLa

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