Fashion Pt V Back in the Day

Everyone loves that "first real job" post-college time in your '20's where you finally have some money and can indulge your fashion whims. Enjoy it while you can, bc pretty soon the babies and the mortgage and the bills kick in and you will never have this much free spending money again until you are too old and too fat to enjoy it. And I did. I went on a fashion binge and I have never regretted it. Above: Wearing red cashmere sweater and dark blue and green wool plaid pants, from Scotch House (in Edinburgh Scotland) with a cream linen blouse (Laura Ashley) at Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, Tx. in the early 1980's. Below: One of the many weddings I went to in the '80's. Wearing a silk suit of fawn mocha brown and cream (can't remember the designers' name) , my signature pearls, and a cameo I had bought in Italy.
Yet another wedding - The same Laura Ashley cream linen blouse , this time with a Ralph Lauren gray paisley print linen skirt and pink suede belt. Same jewelry as always. God knows why the three of us in this photo look so wretched ...I suspect we are hideously drunk.
Getting together with the girls, '80's style. I am wearing a man's oversize cotton tuxedo shirt, with Navajo silver and turquoise shirt/cuff studs (purchased in Gallup, NM.), a "Navajo Pearls" silver bead necklace, jeans, and a Ralph Lauren pink floral canvas bag. I still have the bag, somewhere
.....My love of Southwestern Native American jewelry began when I was a child, on family vacations to the Four Corners Area. I started collecting then, and I still collect, now .
I miss Laura Ashley....would still wear it if it was around. With Ray-Bans. And a  blue "chakra crystal."

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