Fashion Pt I Back in the Day

I have always loved fashion. Having been on both sides of the "attractive" and "unattractive" spectrum, I can say that no matter which side you are on, wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself is not wasted time, effort, or money. It is an art form unto itself.

A child of the 60's, I am here to tell you it wasn't all hippies, "flower power" and free love. (My students often ask me this.) While teenagers were out there wearing bell-bottoms, giant 'fro's, and tie-dyed Grateful Dead t-shirts, most of us had our clothes chosen by our parents. There was little we could do about it. Sears toughskin jeans and t-shirts predominated for boys. Little girls wore dresses. Above: Rockin' the frilly plastic diaper cover-up panties.

There were some powerful fashion influences out there - not just Twiggy. Here I am clearly sporting a "Jackie O" vibe. (Above). The pix below is me dressed as a young Natalie Wood.
Of course, little girls wore their best dress for their "formal" pictures (often taken, back in the day, at the photography studio inside the Sears or Penny's). In the early years, my mom had store-bought dresses for me to wear.
 I suffer for my art - Far left.

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