Summer Road Trips : Outer Banks Pt 2

Our Outer Banks vacations have a rhythm to them that is comforting in its familiarity. The kids always have a great time at the beach and spend most hours of the day or night there; I can't even get them away long enough to go play video games or putt-putt golf ( a nice change from their normal existence). Beaches here are made up of miles and miles of clean white sand, no weeds or swamp or sea grass underneath to give your feet that slimy feeling. The water is clear with rarely any jellyfish. The waves are great for surfing, both long board and short, boogie boarding, or just playing around and body surfing (my personal fave since I tend to become entangled in the cord as the wave flips me close to shore. Rarely can I ride that crest smoothly, all the way in.) It is always that perfect temperature : refreshingly cool, but not too cold.

There is plenty of time to relax, talk, read a good book, nap, or think. Just listening to the waves all day and night is enough to reduce most people's blood pressure. I always bring a stack of books and alternate between swimming and reading.

If you need a break from all that sun, sand, and surf, there is always a light house to visit, some shopping, or ice cream to be had. (Corolla Light in the background, it is the only unpainted light house on the NC coast.) There are companies that will take you deep sea fishing, places to learn hang gliding, services that will teach you horseback riding on the beach or take you in a helicopter to tour the area by air - I can't get anyone to go with me !

It is a tradition in hubster's family, as it is with many who come to the Outer Banks, to make the week at the beach into a family reunion of sorts. The beach houses are large ( 3 stories, 4 bedrooms are the small ones) and it makes sense to pack 'em full of folks. We often have 10-12 or more people staying with us. Here hubster's family share the traditional crab and seafood dinner we eat at least once during this trip.
So if you are tempted to ask me what we do at the beach - well, folk, this is it. It is a lovely tradition ; my kids are spoiled by having this to look forward to each summer. We haven't been yet this year, (these photos are from previous visits. Last year's trip is under North Carolina, "The Great American Vacation" in the side bar index). Check back in early Aug to see this year's pix.

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