Tea Time

A co-worker recently celebrated National Hot Tea Month by hosting a series of tea-tastings , a different flavor each day, at work. (I'm so glad she chose this food item, instead of National Prune Month to celebrate ! Googling this event to check my facts turned up a host of food related celebrations that I had no idea existed......I've been blissfully unaware, all this time !) In the interest of getting along with my co-workers, I decided to pop in, share a cuppa and a chat. Several other coworkers were hovering about, and it all turned into an impromptu tea party that ended up being rather pleasant, and a welcome break from an otherwise hectic day. I got to know some folk I didn't previously, and the added caffeine zip powered me through the afternoon.
I love tea but don't drink it often as I otherwise would, as it is on the "forbidden" list of oaxalate (kidney stone ) causing food items for me. Years ago, when I lived in Houston and used to tutor little Japanese children, (whose fathers were in this country working for Nippon Steel), their mothers would serve me tea, Japanese style , and very delicate cookies or pastries as I taught their children English. It was a charming and delightful custom that I enjoyed very much. Too bad I can't do this more often.

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