Snow Daze

Students pray for snow days; teachers view them as a mixed blessing. A day off today means one less holiday, later in the spring - a day I might need more, in terms of mental health, than I do this one. It is a difficult task for school districts to decide which days should be snow days. Keep in mind that someone - a director of transportation, a member of the school board - is out looking at road conditions at 4 am, as well as watching weather reports, and trying to figure out what the roads will be like in 4 hours or 10 hours. Can the buses run ? Will parents be going to work today ? Is it safe for people to be driving on these roads ? Will there be mass absenteeism, as people just decide to ignore attendance laws and stay home ?
Today my school, as well as many others around us, called a snow day. The weather reports were predicting ice storms and mass chaos all day long. One never knows if they will be predictive of the actual weather, or not ......Right now it is drizzling some in front of my house and that is about it. Above is a photo of a day that was not called off as a snow day ... it started off like any other spring day : cloudy, rainy, cold but not freezing. By noon the snow started falling - remarkably rare for north Texas any time of year, much less March. By 1 pm the snow was accumulating, and parents starting coming up to the school and taking their kids out. School was closed by 1:30 but the roads were so bad by that point, my normal 5 min commute took me 45 min ( it's all of 2 miles). Not sure what the official snowfall was that day , but it's clear from this photo of my backyard, it was 6-8 inches at my house. You just can never tell how the weather is going to go.
Right now I'm still in my jammies, blogging. The kids are arguing over whose turn it is on the video game, and I've about had it. I think I'll go run some errands I didn't get to this weekend.....then I am going to come home and cook up a big pot of something tasty to eat.

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