A Fairy Tale , pt III

It was not all work, however . A day at EuroDisney Paris proved to be a welcome respite from all that high-falutin' cultah. In contrast to its American counterpart, it was refreshingly uncrowded, and everyone got to ride their favorite rides several times .

Many delicious gourmet meals were sampled. One of the kid-pleasers was a fondu restaurant.

The grown-ups tried to balance fun and education....here in the courtyard of Musee de Moyen Age, also known as the Cluny. It is a medieval chateau built over a site with ancient Roman baths. The Cluny is most famous for its unicorn tapestries.

No matter where you go in Paris, Uncle Bill has some fascinating and informative little tidbits to share with you.

This boat ride down the Seine, timed to coincide with twilight , was beautiful, but everyone was very cold.

All in all, it was a wonderful week . So much fun, we are tempted to do it all again, someday.......

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