Books to Read for Summer

Books to Read for Summer
.......because the title, "summer reading", sounds too much like work !
When I'm lounging around on those lazy summer days, I like to read my way down a stack of books that never quite gets depleted , because I keep finding new ones to add to it !

Many of my favorite books over the years have come from the Man Booker Prize list, a literary award given in Britain ( similar to our Pulitzer) . When I am casting about for something new and good to read, I often find it here :


I highly recommend :

Life of Pi
The God of Small Things- one of my fave books of all time
Heat and Dust
The English Patient ( novel is much better than the movie )
Remains of the Day

Many of these authors have written other books which did not win this particular prize , but are noteworthy all on their own , and worth your perusal . The runners-up list is also of note.
What am I getting ready to read ? Amsterdam, by the author of Atonement, Ian McEwan. Will keep you posted.

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