Get your fashON 1 summer

I have several key things working against me these days: I am a middle aged fat woman, I live in a miserably hot climate for 8-10 months of the year, local stores persist in selling only "norm core" polyester old lady outfits, and my community, although changing rapidly, is still very conservative.

However, I stopped caring about most of these things - menopause is great for that; you never knew just how much estrogen was controlling your brain, telling you to do this or that ("be sexy", "attract men", "be feminine", etc) until it fades from your system and you think clearly for the first time in 40 or so years. At some point, comfort matters more than what other people think, and you start feeling it's time to get back to developing your own sense of style, one that reflects your core self. The self that was you as a 10 year old girl, before you started worrying about what others think.

To that end I discovered "Lagenlook", a style that has been popular with young and old women in Europe for a while now, an idea which loosely translates to "layered look".  It is timeless in that it transcends fashion cycles, and focuses on comfort while letting you express your own personality. This is not, however, the layered look we all grew up with in the '70's, of turtleneck dickies under shirts, covered with sweater vests or matching sweater sets, scarves and jackets, etc. You can google the term and select images and you will find it consists of loose flowing layers of clothing that are natural fibers - think cotton, linen, wool. In northern climes there are many layers and lagenlook shoes, stockings, hats and outwear as well. But the concept is particularly suited to hot regions of the globe - you just change the fabrics from thick wool to shear linen and cotton and wear fewer layers.

A few etsy designers I love: Megby Design, RitaNoTiara. An ebay designer I love, also has her own web page, is Skullz London. I also love Eileen Fisher, and FLAX, just in general, try to find them on sale at the end of the season.

A "shark bite hem" is one that is curved, or with points.
The asymmetrical look is big in lagenlook, and takes the viewer's eye away from tummy bulge.

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