Saint Patrick's Day in New Orleans

We take saint patRICK'Sday very seriously in our family, because it is the national holiday of my husband. He is a Yankee, an American of Irish descent who often feels lonely and out of place in Texas every March 17 when it comes to hanging around in bars typical of those he grew up with in central Pennsylvania small towns. There is no one to sing with and those few who do don't know the songs. Few people wear green. Only the college kids are drunk, and they are on spring break. The whole day often passes barely noticed around here.
It was with incredible joy that my husband realized there would be lots of people celebrating the day on our recent trip to New Orleans, and even a parade.
 It was a small yet typical NoLa parade, ironically mocking, friendly and gay. Participants tossed out St pat's Day green beads and merch as they walked/rode the route. Observers stood on balconies and caught them. It was like Mardi Gras, just smaller and calmer, if you can believe that.

 Jax Brewery in the background.

 NoLa brew pub sampler at Crescent City Brewpub.
Band "Roux the Day" playing at NoLa Irish bar, The Kerry. Jameson whiskey promoters were on hand, handing out free shots of whiskey. It was a jolly evening. 

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