Texas, Explained # 2: Politics

No one person can really explain Texas politics. I'm not arrogant or foolish enough to try. What I can do is provide readers with some of the best sources that exist.  Steer you in the right direction. For your reading pleasure:

1)Molly Ivins is a national treasure : smart, funny, irreverent, suffering no fools. She started as a journalist and finished as a goddess. Literally. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak a few years before she died, and was amazed in her presence: she was 7 feet tall with red hair, hilarious, captivating, angry, scary, hypnotic and charming. A real life Athena, goddess of wisdom. Read anything by her and it will be time well spent.....Below she weighs in our our governor.

2)Do you think people in this country just show up and vote.....that votes, and thus politicians, simply, mathematically, represent clear majorities and minorities - the voice of the people? Well, in that case, I've got some swampland I'd like to sell you..... In the USA we have a "winner take all" political system....voting districts are configured by the political party in power to ensure that party's candidate wins. Read further:

3)For good or for evil, due to its sheer size in population, Texas holds undue sway over this country:

4)Why do Southerners, Texans, and the shrinking middle class vote against their own best interests?

5)The best journalism commentary both positive and negative, about Texas:

6)One president from Texas, and his legacy : LBJ

7)More Presidents "from" Texas (remember, they really aren't) : the Bush family, George the father and George W the son

8)The best governor of Texas, so far, in my lifetime:

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