Whatever You Do, DON'T GO HERE !!!

Hubster and I were looking for a quick, easy vacation that gave us the "feel" of traveling internationally, without actually having to leave the country (because I let my passport expire and have not had time to go get a new one!) Our "key" criteria was that we must have a short flight (our long flight to Hawaii last summer gave me blood clots in my legs). We both like beaches and bars and the pleasures of the ocean plus those of a city. We settled on a destination - I am not going to mention where it is- and had one of the best vacations we've ever had. No kids, no mothers-in-law, no cooking, no driving. Just sunning, swimming, snorkeling, sex and cocktails. We even went swimming with dolphins in a coral reef. The place we went to we loved so much, we decided it is our new "go to" place, and plan to return every year just for a couples get-a-way. Great food, white sugar sand beaches, casual vibe, can walk/ride bikes everywhere, fun outdoor bars. Why am I not going to tell you where it is? I don't want too many people to go there and spoil it. It is perfectly charming, just as it is, and I intend to keep it that way. Selfish, I know.

 Top photo: Our mystery destination. Above: Hubster and I drinking alcohol in a boat, somewhere in the USA. Below: Swimming with dolphins.

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