Great Greek Adventure

                            View along the road from Thessaloniki to Ouranopolis
Hubster is off in Greece this week- I did not get to join him this trip. Several reasons: 1)We are saving money to pay for son #1's college tuition, 2)No one is around to supervise the boys ( back at home, who have jobs, and can't leave) if both parents are gone.It's that rough stage in our lives where the grandparents are too old/feeble/or dead to supervise them any more, and no one else can really stand to be around them for long- for love or money. So hubster, who hates to travel, is off exploring the world; while I, who love to travel, am stuck at home. Don't cry for me, Argentina : there's always another summer/ another trip!

                                                                     Ouranopolis beach
Hubster, who has never been to Greece before, is at a conference in Ouranopolis - a remote Club Med style beach resort in the far northeast section of the country. Undeniably beautiful, this place is so remote there is no plane/train or easy way to get there. He had to fly in to Thessaloniki, then rent a car and drive there. If I were along, you know I'd make him stay extra days, and see whatever was around nearby to see. I'd be at the beach during the day and the tavernas at night. Opa! Hubster, in typical fashion, went straight there, delivered his talk, and is planning to turn around and leave. He is not even going to the famous Mt. Athos Monastery, nearby. Pray for him , my friends. Life is too short to miss cool things.

                                                                Mt Athos Monastery

Map of Greece...Ouranopolis is on the third peninsula on the far right, under the word Khalkhidiki (Halkidiki). Top right section of Greece. Here is some info on the region:

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