Pinterest (and other worthless, fun, addictive, beautiful time-wasters)

A gf convinced me to join Pinterest awhile back, and I've got to confess that's where a lot of my time goes lately. That's why I'm not blogging! I'm not sure what the purpose of Pinterest is, or how to describe it to the uninitiated. It's a website where you create a page for yourself, and customize it like facebook, link to your friends, and then you look at stuff other folks post, and share and trade- pictures, mostly. It seems to be 95% pictures, and less than 5% comments or text about the pictures. It is soothing after a stressful day to look at beautiful things, and one can accumulate files, called boards, of stuff you like to look at. It's like an online scrapbook. Pinterest seems to have about 99% female users, and the pictures that people swap around are infrequently personal pix (family, vacations) and mostly just images of pretty things, exotic locales, artsy crafts, cute animals or babies, funny sassy sayings, home decor, clothes, fashion, gardens, flowers, art, shopping, etc.  Most of the pictures people swap are of the wish-fulfillment variety: dream houses, vacations, idealized babies, fashion. A little DIY, recipes, and crafts. Very little reality going on here. Just in case you are interested, I'm on there, as I am on facebook, under my maiden name. If you know it, you can link to me.Or look for "GirlFromTexas".

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