That Eclectic Texas "Look"- decor

Resist the urge to think about cowboys, wagon wheel coffee tables, Indians, tee pees, large ugly iron and leather "western" furniture when you think "Texas" style decorating. My own personal style combines a bit of the southwest (including native American arts and crafts) with a little French, a little Mexican,  throw in a dash of eclectic global travels, some modern things thrown into the mix for good measure. You can scale it up or down, depending on the style of your abode. (My own home is a 60's suburban version of French Provencal, so weaving in the French makes sense, but has characteristically low 60's ceilings, so no huge hanging chandeliers for me.) Here are some great sources to help you get the "look"....above, Mexican Tiles
Just remember, a little goes a long way and these should be used like spices in a complex dish, with restraint.

Ballard Designs has been a long time favorite of mine. They seem to go through phases, for years it was sort of classically inspired (as in, Greece and Rome)catalog, then for a long time, recently, French with a more casual modern relaxed spirit. I snapped up a great French Provincial dining room set which, sadly, they no longer make. My other stalwart in this area, Pierre Deux, seems to be going out of business. Perhaps their pricier versions just couldn't sell in the prolonged economic downturn.
I think they are based in Atlanta or somewhere in the South, so you get that southern flair in they way they mix colors and patterns.
A new favorite of mine is Viva Terra, a 'green' (as in , lots of reclaimed wood and recycled or fair trade made goods) slightly more upscale version of Pier One or World Market. I've been snapping up their stuff lately and the quality is great. Love their bold colors and patterns!

Wisteria is another catalog that I seem to buy from every month. Based in Houston, I just can't get enough and wish they would expand their stores. However, if they did, that would probably spell an end to their many "one-of-a-kind" hand-made items. Similar mix : whimsical, multi-cultural, but with a softer palette.

For a bolder, truly Texan look, you have several options: The famous King Ranch ( as in, an actual historical family owned ranch that has been in business for over 150 years) now has a catalog of leather goods, clothes, and home furnishings.
The Arrangement in Dallas has been around for awhile and will even ship your purchases ( my mother-in-law periodically comes to town, buys stuff she has sent back home to Virginia)
Throw in some native American arts and crafts, especially rugs or pottery, and you are good to go: (Note: most of the Indians native to Texas were plains tribes, which meant they were nomadic, which means they didn't stay in one place long enough to develop an industry of their own goods. Mostly they were driven out and killed by white settlers, sorry to say. So most folk in the American southwest go with the Indians tribes who populate New Mexico and Arizona for that southwestern art look: Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, etc.) . Here are a few reliable sources our family shops from often:
Pendleton is a historic wool mill and blanket maker. They make many western themed products that are not to kitchy:
For all your cowhide rug needs:
Check back here if you are interested in this topic. When I find new stuff, I will post it here.

I'm on pinterest, and I have several boards dedicated to this style....look for me"GirlFromTexas"

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