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It is no secret that many Texans love the American southwest, and GFT is no exception. A recent conversation with random friends and co-workers about projected summer plans produced "Colorado or New Mexico" as a response 100% of the time to the question, "What is your favorite summertime destination? " The desert southwest, especially the Four Corners area, has long been a popular destination spot for Texans. I spent nearly every childhood summer camping with my family in the mountains near Durango, or occasionally, Ruidoso. Continued the tradition as a young adult taking myself and numerous girlfriends on shopping trips to Sante Fe. One of the little known commonalities I share with the hubster is the fact that his family lived in White Sands for three years when he was a teen, and he has a deep affection for the place and the culture, as well. Yet another frightening similarity between myself and my mother-in-law is our love of all things southwestern, cuisine, decor, and especially jewelry and arts and craft collectibles.

I keep trying to make my home as cheerful, pleasant, and funky as the adobe places I love.....it's an on-going process. Each spring I plant a garden ( which withers under the Texas heat). Not sure if the neighbors would appreciate some of the more vibrant colors, I keep them indoors rather than out.

I'm looking forward to a little trip in that direction in a few weeks : plan to take my mom to shop and sample the restaurants we love so much.

One of my fave books of all times is Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop, and the lessons from that novel are applicable not only when I am in this beautiful place, but when I return to the (rather ugly) place that I live. The archbishop is sent to the wilderness of New Mexico to establish a diocese there, and views this mission almost as punishment, like being banished. Years pass, he dreams of the beauty of his homeland in Spain, builds buildings and plants trees. He eventually dies, failing to see the beauty he has created all around him. I hope each of us remember to notice and appreciate the beauty that lies around us, or that we are creating in our lives.

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