50 Years = 50 Beers

Hubster's 50th birthday bash was a a"family friendly" event, continuing the recent trend of many boomers to incorporate their children into everything they do. That, and no one can find good baby-sitters these days. Keep it clean, guys ! Little ears are listening !

In the game room, the party was quite a lively affair, while in other parts of the house, it as a bit more staid, with varied conversations. Something for everyone.....

As the evening wore on, the hilarity increased.....is there anything as funny as watching a bunch of old guys who still think they are young ?

This photo sums up nicely the family dynamic that is hubster's...here , his parents, who invited themselves, reveal typical responses to the often over parodied, "what do you bring to the party?" Hubster's dad spent the evening flirting and chatting and mixing with folk; hubster's mom took it upon herself to run a load of laundry in the middle of events. (It must be noted that the washer and dryer are unfortunately located in the middle of a narrow passageway that connects all these rooms.)

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