Summer Rituals : Frosty

One of the many summer rituals GFT partakes annually is a visit to Frosty , which GFT and co invariably and mistakenly refer to as "Mr Frosty". A relic of time gone by, Frosty is a 50's style drive up burger joint on Ft Worth Drive, just a few blocks south of I-35 in Denton, Tx. Frosty is not, however, a modern restaurant that imitates a 50's style burger joint. No my friends, Frosty has been here serving local appetites SINCE the 1950's. In an era when there is a fast food franchise on every corner, Frosty is a refreshing treat : hand made, slow cooked food made to order. Serves the usual burgers, fries, onion rings, malts, chili dogs. It is especially famous for its home-made root beer. Frosty has a local following of "old farts", college kids, and nostalgia buffs who come for the tasty food and linger due to the old-timey juke box full of everything from Elvis to Patsy Cline to Van Halen and the Rolling Stones.
I have been bringing my children here ever since we moved to Denton. Part of my motivation is to expose them to the types of things I love - quirky, authentic, original, the kind of quality that emphasizes substance over style and celebrates a unique little spot because it actually provides great food at a good price . I also hope to imprint them with a love of the south, Texeana, road food, diners, holes-in the wall joints along the back roads, in the perhaps foolish desire that no matter how far from home they wander, they will always return, at least for a visit.

Mmm ! Mmm ! Good !

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