Make A Joyful Noise......

"Rockband" the video game may be all the rage with the kids these days, but a certain element of young man ( and girl !) still dreams of becoming an actual player in a rock 'n roll band. It is not enough to own simulated instruments in a video game, no, real ( and expensive) instruments must be purchased, too. Countless hours are spent in the family garage practicing songs , writing new ones, hanging with friends, getting the act down just right. It is one of the joys of parenthood that weekends at my house are often spent listening to the deafening screech of feedback when the electric guitars get plugged in and ramped up. The constant drumming I am used to. Fortunately, this is a home that was built for having teenagers, and I can almost get far enough away in the master suite from the kids' rooms that I can barely hear the "music" as I sleep.

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