Tree Hugger

"A picture is worth a thousand words ," anonymous.

When you grow up in a place like this ......

......then move to live, during an impressionable phase of your life, to a place that looks like this....

......and your personal mythology contains references to places like this.........

........it is not surprising that you begin to channel those Celtic druidic roots of your ancestors , and become a TREE HUGGER.

What does a modern day tree hugger do , you ask ? I am too old, fat and infirm, have too many other responsibilities in my life, can't sit still that long , my joints ache - to live in a redwood for a year like Julia Butterfly Hill.

But I have served the greater good, by being a member of my local city council code development committee. I practice my activism by joining with other local citizens to help draft a strong tree preservation ordinance. I continue to be as "green", personally, as I practically and realistically can - recycle, drive small cars or hybrids, shop and eat locally , live sustainably, use public transportation, consume less, fund green charities, reduce my impact on this earth as much as possible. Am seriously looking into taking my entire home solar.

And am just self aware enough to realize that this all means very little to the planet as a whole.

But I cannot, and will not, EVER shop at the neighborhood Walgreen's, just down the street on West University Dr in Denton, TX, which cut down a 300 year old oak, the oldest in the county, for no reason other than to put in a parking lot.

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